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March 2015

  04/03/2015 Fri

Just Added 

James Maddock

$25.00 8:30 Tickets


 04/04/2015 Sat.

Singer, Songwriter, Steamador,Birthday Boy

Bobby DiBlasio and Friends Most Excellent Birthday Bash

$12.50 8:00 Tickets 


 4/6/2015 Monday

 Monday Jazz Open Jam Session

Doc Richmonds Jazz Jam, it's good for your soul!

Presented by Saxophonist John Richmond

Jazz instrumentalists, vocalists welcome to sit in. Jam starts promptly - so sign in (8pm) and be ready - $5 for musicians and jazz fans ( hopefully thats you!)

This is a jam run in customary fashion (This is not an open mike or showcase!)

 04/09/2015 Thurs.

 JohnWhoever and Who Are They

$10.00 8pm Tickets

 04/10/2015 Fri.

 From the Gregg Allman Band and CKS Band

Scott Sharrard and The BrickYard Band

$20.00 9:00 Tickets

  04/11/2015 Sat.

Catie Curtis

$20.00 5pm Tickets

 04/11/2015 Sat.

 From Woodstock and Beyond

Pro. Louie and the Crowmatix

$20.00 8:30pm Tickets

 04/15/2015 Wed.

 Tax Day with Two Gents from the Saw Doctors and the Waterboys

Leo Moran and Anthony Thistlethwaite

$25.00 7:30pm Tickets

 04/16/2015 Thurs.

 Boogie Woogie Paino Summit

w/ Scott Staton, Loren Korevec, Dave Keyes and Alex Richman

$20.00 7:30 Ticket

 04/17/2015 Fri.

 Felix Cabrera Band

$15.00 9:00pm Tickets

 04/18/2015 Sat.

 Member of



$15.00 4pm Tickets


 04/18/2015 Sat.

CD Release Party for

"LOVE SPINS " W/  Debbie Davies Blues Band

$22.50 9:00 Tickets

 04/19/2015 Sun

Singer Songwriter and a very funny person!

 Cheryl Wheeler

$30.00 4pm Tickets

 04/19/2015 Sun

 English Rocker

Terry Reid and the Cosmic American Derelicts

$30.00 7:30 Tickets

 04/24/2015 Fri.

Celebrating 40 years in as a Performing Artist/Musician!

 Chris Brown and The Bookends

$15 8:30 Tickets

 4/25/2015 Sat.

 Michael Packer Blues Band

$20.00 9pm Tickets

 04/26/2015 Sun

 Red Molly

$25.00 4pm Tickets

$25.00 7:00 Tickets

 05/01/2015 Fri.

 Aztec Two-Step

$38.00 8:00 Tickets

 05/02/2015 Sat.

 The DIVA Suede

$35.00 5:00 Tickets

$35.00 8:00 Tickets

 05/03/2015 Sun


 "Bob Dylan Subterranean Birthday Bash" with Rob Stoner's Rolling Thunder Review Revisited featuring James Maddock, Evan Rossiter & Luther Rix

$25.00 4pm Tickets


 5/9/2015 Sat.

 John Malino Family Band

$15.00 3pm Tickets

 5/9/2015 Sat.

 Danny Kalb Trio

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 5/15/2015 Fri.

 The Pachyderms

$20.00 8:00 Tickets


  05/16/2015 Sat.

  The The Band Band

Feb. 27th show $30 8:00 Tickets


 05/17/2015 Sun

 David Lindley

$35.00 4pm Tickets

 06/06/2015 Sat.

 Marshall Crenshaw

$30.00 6pm Tickets

 06/07/2015 Sun

 John Gorka

$30.00 4pm Tickets

06/12/2015 Fri.

 The Kennedys

$25.00 8pm Tickets


 06/14/2015 Sun

 Bill Kirchen and Too Much Band

$25.00 4pm Tickets


 Tuck and Patti

$35 4:00 Tickets

$35 7:00 Tickets


 06/26/2015 Fri.


Joe Grushecky and Eddie (Kingfish)Manion (E Street Horns)

$35.00 8pm Tickets

 06/27/2015 Sat.

 Rockand Bergen Music Festival


 06/28/2015 Sun

 Los StraitJackets

$22.50 4pm Tickets







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